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David F. Smith, Executive Director

Mike Nance, President of KAE

Julia E. Johnson, VP of Member Affairs

Bill Whelan, VP of Retirees

Junior Mondie, VP of KAE/KASE

Leah R. Smith, VP of Business Affairs

Gary Marshall, VP of Operational & Security Affairs

Chris Peters, Member Relations Coordinator

About KASE

KASE is an organization of workers helping each other in order to educate and advocate for better working conditions. There are many benefits to joining the KASE/KAE family that is a statewide support system. We represent YOU and your work-related issues whether they are positive or negative in nature. We serve state, public, and private employees and retirees throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We help each other to fight for ourselves and each other. KASE and KAE fights for worker's rights and against the constant attacks by employers. 

Office Address:

2605 Shining Water Dr.

Suite 103

Louisville, KY 40299


Mailing Address:

2605 Shining Water Drive, #103

Louisville, KY 40299

Tel: 502-875-2273



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