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Benefits of Joining KASE/KAE

There are many benefits to joining the KASE/KAE family that is a statewide support system. We represent YOU and your work-related issues whether they are positive or negative in nature. We serve state public and private employees and retirees throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


KASE/KAE advocates for : 

- continued guaranteed protection against arbitrary discipline and      terminations

- proper use of the grievance and disciplinary action procedures

- full funding Kentucky Employee Retirement Benefits

- hourly wage increases

- fair treatment to all workers no matter what position they may hold

- improved health care benefits


Requirements for membership:

Must be employed or previously employed by the State of Kentucky or by an entity that contributes to the Kentucky Employees Retirement System.


Must submit an application and be board approved.

About our Logo:


The KASE logo depicts:

  • Three figures raising their hands symbolizing unity, confidence and action among the “faceless” state employees

  • The foreground figure=association’s dedication to the individual

  • The darker figures=statewide victory achieved when we stand together for a common cause

  •  Red, white, and blue=patriotism in the USA and Kentucky

Office Address:

2605 Shining Water Dr.

Suite 103

Louisville, KY 40299


Mailing Address:

2605 Shining Water Drive, #103

Louisville, KY 40299



Tel: 502-875-2273



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