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The Names and some information used has been changed in order to protect our MEMBERS and the Innocent not the Guilty.


Patrick Murphy  Agriculture

"Working for Richie Farmer and the people he appointed over us were the WORST years of my Entire career with State Government. KASE saved my BACON on numerous occasions. I know I would not have made it without all of KASE's help. KASE is the one membership that I will ALWAYS maintain even when I retire."


Susan G.,  Office Support Assistant,
South East Kentucky

"Once I found out about KASE seven years ago I have always maintained my membership even during the worst of times. I had no problem with paying the old dues rate of 24.00 per month and know that the dues have been reduced down to 12.00 per month it is the best investment I make per month. KASE has helped me to gain a voice that I never had before I joined."


Mary K.,  Administrative Specialist I,  
Social Services, Western Kentucky

"KASE under the new leadership has really changed the way things are done in a GREAT WAY. The last two years under President Smith's leadership has out shined every other employee organization that there is. I had thought about dropping my membership BUT NOW THERE IS NO WAY that Would I EVER DROP MY Membership. I am also telling my fellow coworkers that they really need to join KASE because it is the best money that they will ever spend".

Rachelle Simmons,  Paralegal   Northern Kentucky

"When times got tough with us having to take six furloughs days, then my husband got laid off, I did not know what I was going do when my Boss started to make it hard really hard on me. I turned to KASE and I was treated just like family. KASE helped me to understand what I needed to do. I really appreciated them driving up to meet me on a Saturday night when no one else would return my phone calls. I cannot thank the KASE leadership team enough for all they did and for all they continue to do"

Paul Bunyan, Forestry  Entire State

"I work for Forestry and the current leadership could care less, they ship us out to any state who needs fire fighting help and they could not careless if we live or die. Just look at the equipment we are given to use which is second hand at best and Frankfort's only response is that we should be glad that we have a job and that there is no money in the budget for us as workers let alone money for safer equipment. KASE is the ONLY Organization who is helping me and my coworkers to take the Fight to Frankfort. When Forestry said we are reorganizing your area of operations and so you need to find a new job some where else KASE and its Attorney's MARY SHARP and DAVID FULLER have been there for US when we really needed them. The FIGHT GOES ON AND KASE ALWAYS IS WITH US FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!!  You would Be Dumb Not to JOIN"!

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