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Success and Horror Stories

How Attorney Mary
Sharp can help.

This is my story and I really do not know where to start. I want to thank K.A.S.E. and my Attorney Mary Sharp first most of all because without both of them I would never have been able get the justice I deserved. My name is Sally (K.A.S.E. has changed my name to protect my identity and the innocent not the guilty) I am a real person and this is my real story. I joined K.A.S.E. after having seen a fellow co-worker and K.A.S.E. member go through some trouble. I joined and thought I would never have to call on them for help but I was so wrong. The membership dues are only $12.00 per month so anyone can afford them. I am a merit employee (this means that I do not make very much money at all) and I work for the Department of Transportation (KYDOT) in a job that is mostly made up of males including my supervisor. My supervisor one day got upset at me because we were on a road job and I asked to go to the bathroom. He told me that if I wanted to go to the bathroom I could either go behind the truck out in the open or go out in the field like the rest of the “men”. This went on for a month even after I told him that this was not an acceptable or save place for me to go to the bathroom. He then said that if I did not want to go out in an open field then I could just not go at all. I then called K.A.S.E. because I did not know what to do because I was being harassed by my supervisor and my fellow co-workers because he told them that they did not have to relieve me to go to the bathroom. K.A.S.E.’s leadership team drove over one hour one way on a Wednesday night to come and meet me to discuss the issues I was having at work. I was so thankful they showed up and took it step by step helping me to understand what I needed to do. I followed their directions and it only got worse after I filed a grievance. I was ready to quit but K.A.S.E. told me to stick with it because it would get better (I swear I was calling one of them at least four to five times a day).


I thought it would get better but it didn’t. It was at this point that K.A.S.E. introduced me to the most wonderful Attorney Mary Sharp. She was the most patient and sweetest person ever. I told her my story and she said that K.A.S.E. and Her were going to make it better. She immediately got me in touch with the right people and with her help things started to get better. She was dealing with the main bosses in Frankfort for me including a politically appointed lady who was more of a dragon than she was a lady and talk about being totally clueless well that was an understatement. Mary Sharp handled her like a pro fisherman handles a big mouth Bass. She was great because every time my Bosses would do something else to get me to quit K.A.S.E. and Mary Sharp were right there fighting alongside of me. I swear there were times that I knew K.A.S.E. was going to say enough but they never did and neither did Mary Sharp.  Well things got so bad that Frankfort put me off work without pay and took all of my vacation days away from me. They said I was not medically able to do my job even after I gave them three letters from my Doctor who said that I was fit to go back to work.



Mary Sharp made arrangements for me to speak with a Federal Human Rights Investigator. After speaking with him I spoke with K.A.S.E. and we proceeded with a Federal Human Rights complaint along with my other grievances. Mary Sharp was able to get me back to work and the Federal Government after quite a few months (my case lasted for almost 19 months) ruled in my favor that KYDOT did violate my human rights especially denying me access to a restroom. The State made me a settlement offer and now I am back to work thanks to K.A.S.E. and Mary Sharp. My case is now being used by KYDOT in their supervisor trainings as an example of what not to do. I will never give up my K.A.S.E. membership and I tell all workers that I meet that they are stupid if they do not join K.A.S.E.

How Attorney David Fuller can help.

My name is Tim XXXX and I work for the Administrative Office of the Courts (A.O.C.) and I cannot thank K.A.S.E. and their Attorney David Fuller enough because without the both of them I would never have made it through the ordeal my bosses put me through. I was ready to end it all (this is true I had already made arrangements about how I was going to it) because my Bosses had fired me for no reason and with a family to feed I really did not know where to turn. I am so glad I was a K.A.S.E. member. I joined K.A.S.E. a couple years before the incident happened that led to me being fired and escorted out of the building by my stupid bosses. I was so down on the day that I called K.A.S.E.’s office number and I got an answering machine that said if I needed immediate help to call some guy named David Smith. I had no clue who he was but I was willing to try anything. It turns out that Dave Smith was the K.A.S.E. President and he said everything was going to be okay. The first thing he did was to tell me everything was going to be okay. He then gave me phone numbers of places that could help me. He talked me through the various processes about what to do to file for unemployment and to make claims for the other services I needed to keep me from going under. This included helping me to find a group that I could talk with about where I was mentally. That really helped. K.A.S.E. even followed up with me everyday (we spoke on the phone at least three to four times a day) until my crisis was over. K.A.S.E. also introduced me to the best attorney ever David Fuller.


David Fuller is without a doubt the Superman of Labor Attorneys especially when it comes to discharge cases. He also has to be the most patient person in the world because A.O.C. was constantly having him drive back and forth from Frankfort only to request constant continuances because they did not want to go to trial with the case. You see I was fired because one day I had had enough and got mad. I raised my voice and starting yelling (never used any curse words or did I ever direct my telling at anyone) that what the supervisors were telling me to do was not only illegal but also wrong. Frankfort even called the police on me on the day that I was yelling and had me escorted out of the office even though I had stopped yelling and was calm at the time of the police’s arrival. I am a college educated man and have never been treated as badly as I was treated that day by any employer. This also doesn’t take in account that I make little to no money for the job I do.


I was able to meet with David Fuller and boy did he go after A.O.C. right out of the gate. David was really patient and helped to sort things out. He then got on the phone and started writing letters to all of the right people. I really do not know what he did but whatever it was that he did I was able to eventually able to get a hearing where all of the members decided that A.O.C. was wrong and that I should have never been fired. I cannot thank David Fuller and especially K.A.S.E. enough because without themBoth I would not be here today. You would be an idiot if you do not join K.A.S.E. and become a part of the K.A.S.E. family. It is the only organization that I know of who truly treats you just like family.


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Are you experiencing a horror story?

My name is Betty and my name has been changed to protect me the innocent. K.A.S.E. believes in keeping its members information private. I can personally tell you that they never discuss their members with anyone outside of the “Family” unless they get your permission. I want to take a moment to personally thank Mary Sharp one of K.A.S.E.’s attorneys. She really went above and beyond in my case even when she did not have to put up with me because I was really a mess. I was going through some hard personal times and then my job started to go south in a fast and hard way. I know I was a real pain in the ….Nose put she really worked with me and the leadership of K.A.S.E. all have to be Saints because I must have called each of them at least five times a day for the first three months including on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. K.A.S.E. and Mary Sharp were always there for me. I had some fellow employee’s that were telling my Politically Appointed Bosses lies about me and when I confronted them they got mad and told lies against me. I did not know what to do or where to turn so I went on line and found K.A.S.E. I at first did not want to call them because I thought they were a Labor Union and I did not want any part to do with a Labor Union. K.A.S.E. is not a Labor Union it is a Non Profit Employee Association. I called them up asked them before I joined if they were not a labor union then what was the difference in them and a union? In real simple terms K.A.S.E. works for its members just like me. Any worker who works for a city, county, or the State of Kentucky can join and become a member. Unions have to have so many workers out of your job to join to become members. K.A.S.E. is so much better than any Union. If K.A.S.E. tells you that it is going to do something it will do it. They treat you just like the family you always wanted to have.



Back to what happened to me. I had no clue about what I could and could not do about my ****#####@@@@ Bosses. I spoke with K.A.S.E. and went to their office where they sat me down and went over every aspect of what I needed to do and when. They also put me in touch with Mary Sharp. I really was not all that impressed at first because she is not what you would expect when you think of an attorney.  She is really a sweet person unlike other attorney’s I have worked with before. I can tell you first hand that when she gets into negotiations her sweetness goes away fast and she replaces it with pure Pit Bull. Man she got into talks with the BIG Politically Appointed Boss (who was totally clueless about how bad his organization was being run by his underlings). After all was said and done Mary was able to get me paid leave for a nice long period of time, my records were all cleaned up, and I was allowed to come back to work but under a different supervisor. Life which was really bad before now seems to be working out okay or better and they leave me alone to do my job. I can only say K.A.S.E. and Mary Sharp are the only way to go. You have to be pure stupid not join K.A.S.E. I am a proud member now and always will be. Thank you Mary Sharp. Thank you K.A.S.E.         

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